Dansk dating Gribskov

Dansk dating Gribskov
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Roe deer have lived here for as long as the forest itself, while fallow deer were introduced at some point during the middle ages.

The fallow deer population in Gribskov is the largest free roaming fallow deer population in Denmark, at 600-800 animals.

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Cormorants can be a problematic bird to administer locally, but is protected in Denmark and is on list III in the Berne convention.

The forest grows in a hilly terrain (by Danish standards), with lower lying areas in the east and west.

It is expected that Gribskov will comprise more semi-natural woodland of deciduous trees in the future.

The forest of Gribskov offers a rare opportunity to observe free roaming deer of all the four species living in Denmark; namely the roe deer, sika deer, red deer and fallow deer, with roe and fallow deer being most common in Gribskov.

The birdlife in Gribskov is varied and of international importance.