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Dating skive meaning
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I’m getting increasingly fed up with the way in which the debate about social security cuts is being framed by those two stereotyped figures: ‘the striver’ and ‘the skiver’ (substitute ‘shirker’ or ‘scrounger’ according to taste).

Strivers stand for people who do paid work; skivers people of working age who don’t.

Dating skive meaning

Best Donna Richoux (COD10 for this use)– ORIGIN C20: perh.

to shive.(MW11CD has only the leather-working verb)Etymology:perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse *** to slice(OED2 has the leather-working verb)- a.

The lay line can also be used as a visual index when routing and tightening the assembly to ensure the hose is not twisted or kinked.

The information on your hose can also be used when re-ordering a hose and using the STAMP method.

As Polly Toynbee puts it eloquently in today’s Guardian: ‘These cuts fall on many more people in work than out of work, not the workshy but those rising at 4am to clean offices on the minimum wage, but still earning too little to keep food on the table for their children’. But isn’t there a danger that this important argument could at the same time be feeding the idea that the out-of-work are all skivers and scroungers? The one that best fits the bill is ‘to make one’s way with effort’.