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Secret casual Bonn
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Led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European country has agreed to take in 28,600 migrants under various agreements.Of this figure, 27,000 - out of 160,000 - will arrive in the country from Italy and Greece.When you consider this, it's pretty easy to realize that the vast majority of life as we know it on this planet--is in the water.

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Today we know that many, likely most, aquatic microbes do not grow on traditional media and as a result were hidden from us.

We didn't, and in many cases still don't, know what it is they need to "eat" to survive.

These claims are not true."Contrary to speculation online, the flights have not increased over the previous year, although the total traffic grew by 18 percent during the holiday season."The reason behind some of the night flights at the airport being higher than other was different regulations.

They pointed to Berlin - Tegel Airport, where there is a ban on night flights between 11pm and 6am The Interior Ministry also issued a statement via social media denying the claims.

Now, however, with the advent of modern molecular biology, we can detect the genomic material from all these critters.