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The first is a series of exhibitions in the Kunstverein’s Schaufenster of posters, ephemera, and works dealing with forms of publicity, beginning with a survey of Studio for Propositional Cinema’s exhibition posters (beginning 24 October) and continuing with Palermo and Sigmar Polke (8 November – 20 November), Sarah Kürten (22 November – 4 December), Feminist Land Art Retreat (6 – 18 December), Nicolás Guagnini (20 December – 1 January), and Roy Arden (8 – 29 January).

In the main exhibition space a new series of 73 small publications will be presented, each produced in close collaboration with the artists, collectives, and writers who have contributed to past exhibition projects of Studio for Propositional Cinema, including its inaugural project at the Kunstverein in Düsseldorf, projects at mumok, Vienna, and Kunsthaus Bregenz, as well as at their exhibition space in Düsseldorf’s Ackerstrasse.

Motifs, anecdotes and physical forms are repurposed and re-used throughout her work.

It was inaugurated in 2013 in the context of the performance-event Proposals and Propositions at the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, with a manifesto-like speech proclaiming: “We are for production and the negation of production.

We are for distribution and the negation of distribution.

Against the backdrop of new technologies, the critique of human actions in the Anthropocene epoch and the notion of a present that is increasingly determined by the past and the future, the New Zealand-born artist Alicia Frankovich (*1980) explores the interactions of human organisms with other animate and inanimate elements.

The perception of what is human has undergone drastic changes under the pressure of political, ecological, and societal realities: the human being – male, white, rational, self-aware, Eurocentric – has given way to a hybrid subject with multiple identities.

The conditionality of the human and non-human, of the material and non-material, she initiated culminates in a reinterpretation of their artistic fields of action within our physical, terrestrial and extraterrestrial environment.