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Singles bad doberan
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In addition to the monastery, there was a craftsman's village, the Kammerhof (the old monastery farm), two pubs, a brickworks, a blacksmith and several cottagers (Kötter).

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As a result, in 1793, the duke bathed on the advice of his Rostock physician, Samuel Gottlieb Vogel, at the Heiliger Damm in the Baltic Sea, marking the birth of the first German seaside resort, Heiligendamm.

The bathers stayed in Doberan and played on slot machines (the ducal resort coffers collected 30,000 thalers of royalties from Doberan's casinos), dancing, and horse racing (probably the first horse race in Germany took place here on 10 August 1822).

The town hosts an annual festival celebrating the music of Frank Zappa, the Zappanale, and also displays a bust of the artist.

Bei unseren Singlereisen reisen Sie gemeinsam mit Gleichgesinnten, teilen Ihre Eindrücke und Reiseerfahrungen und erleben besondere Momente in der Gruppe.

The town earned the status of a resort and the prefix Bad in 1921 ("Bad" means "spa" or "resort" and is a common prefix in Germany).