Teste de single leg stance

Teste de single leg stance
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Equilíbrio corporal, função física, forca muscular, idoso, institucionalização. The timed up and go: a test of basic functional mobility for frail elderly persons.

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Por outro lado, a idade e o peso corporal são significativamente associados a VELCAM (feminino, amostra total).

CONCLUSÃO: Os dados deste estudo piloto permitem concluir que a forca de preensão manual foi independentemente associada a função física de mulheres idosas institucionalizadas.

Such parameters must not only have the sensitivity to establish current clinical status, but also the power to predict future events.

It has been demonstrated that grip strength appears to offer the best simple field procedure for evaluating the muscularity of older individuals, and is even better than the one repetition maximum test (1RM); scores obtained through principal component analysis (PCA) showed the closest correlation with both overall muscularity and lean body mass. Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic. Mini-mental state: a practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician.

We selected 157 volunteers from seven different long-term care facilities.